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4233 256th St
Langley, BC, V4W 1X1


Rental of fishing boats, jet boats, wall tents, optics, and camping supplies, as well as the sale of fishing, hunting, boating, and camping equipment.  Located in Langley, B.C., Canada


FAQ 778-808-2862

Q:  Do I need a boating license to rent and operate your watercraft?

A:  No, you do not.  You will have to go through our Rental Boat Safety Checklist, which will give you the authorization to operate the watercraft for the specified rental period. 

Q:  Really?

A:  Yes, you can read about it on our Rental Boat Safety Checklist page. 

Q:  I already have a boating license.  Can I just show it to you, hook up, and go?

A:  No, everyone must go through the Rental Boat Safety Checklist.

Q:  How long does it take to go through the check list?

A:  Plan at least 30 minutes.

Q:  Is there a minimum age requirement?

A:  Yes, you must be at least 25 years old to rent a trailered piece of rental equipment, and at least 21 years old for a non trailered piece of rental equipment.

Q:  Do you provide tow vehicles? 

A:  No, you must provide your own tow vehicle but for a charge a boat can be delivered and picked up from a local lake or river.

Q:  What size ball do I need?

A:  Bring a 2" ball.

Q:  What receptacle do I need for the wiring harness?

A:  You need a flat 4 prong.

Q:  My vehicle has a round 7 prong receptacle.  Can I still tow the trailer?

A:  Yes, we have round 7 prong to flat 4 prong adaptors.

Q:  Can I tow the boat off a ball mounted on my bumper?

A:  No, your tow vehicle must be supplied with a proper hitch.

Q:  How do I know if my vehicle will tow the trailer?

A:  Look on your insurance papers and note your vehicle's rate class.  It must be 001 to 007 or 021 to 027 (applies to I.C.B.C. insurance).

Q:  Do I need to buy insurance for the boat?

A:  No, the boat is insured and is included in the price of the rental.  You are liable for costs incurred if there is a claim, and the deductible is currently $2000.

Q:  Do I need to buy insurance for the trailer?

A:  No, the trailer is insured and is included with the price of the rental.  You are liable for costs incurred if there is a claim, and the deductible for both collision and comprehensive is currently $300 each.

Q:  Can I pay with a credit card?  

A:  Yes, we currently accept Visa and Mastercard.   *Payment can also be made by cash or EMT (electronic money transfer).

Q:  Is the damage deposit of $2000.00 applied to my credit card?  

A:  We get a pre-authorization and only apply it to cover damages and penalties.  You can also pay any damages or penalties with cash or EMT.

Q:  Can I pay with a cheque?  

A:  Yes, but goods will not be released until the cheque clears.  Also note under Terms and Conditions, that the cost of the rental as well as the deposit is due 14 days before the rental date, and clearance usually takes 3 days.  Please take this into account, as well as delivery time if mailing the cheque.  EMT is easier and faster.

Q:  What if I return the rental property late?

A:  For each day each rental property is late, the penalty is calculated at double the daily rate.  For example, the penalty for the Spratley, Pro-V, or Alaskan would be $69x2= $138 per day. 

Q:  What if I rent a boat for 10 days but after 7 days I want to extend the rental to 14 days?

A:  This is possible as long as the boat has not been booked for the extra days you want included.  The cost would be the difference between a 10 day rental and a 14 day rental.